QuickBuy® FAQs

These are the questions we get asked the most,
so we thought we’d answer them for you here.

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If your home qualifies, it typically takes between 24 to 48 hours. Since the QuickBuy® offer is based on accurate market research, not internet “guesstimates” or algorithms, it will typically take one to two business days for your real estate agent to present the offer after the home visit.

There’s no cost to receive a QuickBuy® offer.

Your real estate agent will work closely with you to provide you with their expertise and guidance throughout the QuickBuy® process. They will view the property and are available to answer all your questions. Once your home is qualified, the no-obligation QuickBuy® offer will be made within two business days. After it is accepted, a home inspection and closing will follow. If the offer is not accepted, your real estate agent will provide other home sale solutions that meet your needs.

Most homes qualify for QuickBuy®, though there may be exceptions such as:

Your home is already or recently listed for sale.
Your home is a multi-family residence or a mobile home.
Contact your real estate agent to see if your home qualifies for an immediate QuickBuy® offer.

Your greatest advantage is the knowledge, expertise, and professional guidance of a trusted real estate agent. Plus, you enjoy the speed, certainty, and convenience of an immediate and secure cash buyer.

QuickBuy® Lock is an excellent way to market your home for up to 150 days with the certainty and assurance of a QuickBuy® offer in hand. Your agent helps you “lock-in” the QuickBuy® offer before listing the home.

Flexibility in closing is a key feature of the QuickBuy® Lock option. Sellers may market their homes for up to 150 days and can accept the QuickBuy® offer at any time during those 150 days. Closing must take place within 180 days of the offer date.

QuickBuy® does not rely on automated valuations, as many iBuyers do. Your detailed home valuation is based on recent local market activity and the features of your unique home. Research is verified by a professional team of residential property experts, as well as your knowledgeable agent.