Listing/marketing older homes circa 1940-90’s has its own unique set of challenges. Thinking outside of the box can help a savvy agent overcome these challenges.

  1. Older homes offer distinct characteristics, therefore highlight these characteristics in marketing materials, photographs, and descriptions. Intricate woodwork, period architecture (Art Deco windows or postmodern design) tells a story many buyers want to hear.
  2.  The best of both worlds is a home with vintage aesthetics and modern mechanics. Note to buyers any renovations done in the home, especially structural or systems upgrades.
  3. Older homes are in well-established neighborhoods. Emphasize neighborhood stability, long standing amenities like established schools, shopping centers, transportation and cultural benefits that add to a sense of community.
  4. Highlight the durability of an older home. High quality materials and the type of craftsmanship that can’t be found in some of today’s mass-produced construction. The use of solid hardwood, sturdy foundations and the lasting quality of an older home can go a long way to alleviate the fears of nervous buyers.

Owners of older homes have their own set of fears when it comes to selling their homes. The thought of upgrading kitchens & baths (the most common cosmetic concern), Open Houses, being perpetually prepared for showings and allowing strangers into their home is often very overwhelming.

Luckily there is more than one way to sell a home. Familiarize yourself with the cash offer option for nervous sellers with older homes. Moving Station’s QuickBuy and QuickBuy Lock programs provide the seller with a guaranteed sale, close on the seller’s timeline, no cosmetic upgrades, no Open Houses, or showings and can even provide a leaseback alternative if needed. Making this a wonderfully convenient option for the sellers with an older home.